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A little about the island ...
The island has the name Terceira because it was exactly the third island to be discovered by the brave young portuguese sailors.

In the past Terceira served as shelter to the portuguese boats, to the kings and prisoners of war, passing through the archipelago on the way to other land to conquer.

Great battles were fought against the spanish in the island, every mean was used to defeat the spanish, even Terceira's symbol was used, the bull. The bull was used to defeat the spanish in the famous battle of batalha da salga.

At this time the history is still present in the daily day of the island, in a way that the city of Angra do Heroísmo was classified as world patrimony.

What to do and find in the island
The strong 'point' of the island is with no doubt the festivities, many consider the Azores an archipelago formed of 8 islands and 1 fun park, because of the quantity and variety of festivities in the island all year long.

Besides festivities the island has excelent conditions por fishing, diving, sailing, windsurf and every sports that can be done in the sea.

As an alternative to the sea, there's excelent tracks along the island were you can walk through nature, and enjoy the clean and pure air, and have a close contact with nature.

Other activities possible may be golf, boat trips, watch dolphins, plane trips along the island, etc.

Besides all this activities you can't miss a tour along the various museums in the island, like the history museum and the wine museum where you can taste some wine, and others.

Also don't miss the tours to the monuments, churchs, etc.

There's only one way to get to the archipelago and Terceira island, by plane. There's 2 airlines doing the flights, SATA and TAP.

You can check their websites for information, prices and schedules.

Inside the archipelago there's 2 means of transporte available, the boat and the plane. SATA AIR AZORES is the airliner responsable to garantee the connections between the islands in the archipelago, as for boat this is assured by AÇORLINE that is responsable for the connections between the islands in the archipelago.

Inside Terceira island there's many means of transporte, by rental car, by bus, by mini bus (check you agency) and taxis.