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The Hotel in Praia da Vitória is situaded just a few feet from the green zone of the city, a space created for the leisure of the people of the city.

The sea and the avenue are also a few feet from the residential and the green zone. It's a fantastic zone for does ho want to get out of the traffic and confusion of the city, and enjoy the great views this zone has to offer and the clean and pure air.

During the night it's one of the best places in the city do get a good night sleep, because it's one of the quiest zones in the city.

The Hotel in Porto Martins is recent, it was created with peace in mind and the confort of our clients.

The Hotel is located in one of the most beautiful places of the island, it's located near the sea and the forest.

Because it's a balneal zone, the Hotel is situaded just a few feet from the natural swimming-pool of Porto Martins.

It's also a good place to fish and dive, it's also a place of rich and quality wine.